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Grief is a feeling we experience in many occasions; when someone dies, when we move to another country, when we lose our job. In avery case, we go through feelings of disbelief, anger, sadness, acceptance and, finally, healing. The process cannot change but it can be shortened and the negative feelings can be less damaging to our health. The main techniques I would recommend in these cases would be the alignment of the physical and mental bodies. Crystals can be an invaluable aid that may take us away from the never-ending circle of grief and bring us into the light.

What can an Amethyst Heart do for you?

A few days ago I used my creative flow to make a beautiful choker. It was a heart made of Amethyst. I was supposedly going to wear it at a friend’s birthday. It would go very well with my pink top and I was looking forward to it. On top of everything else, I had a splitting headache and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

What can Amethyst do for you, though? First of all, you should know that the word comes from the Greek Amethystos, which means not drunk. In antiquity they rightly noticed that a piece of this crystal could clear your head, enhance your logic and clarify your thoughts. In Saudi Arabia, in some cases, they put it under their pillows in order to avoid nightmares.

An amethyst heart today could create a direct link with your spiritual self. It opens up the possibility of communication with the higher realms. For example, it could enhance your experience of the divine while you are praying. Or it would help you meditate more intensely and certainly more deeply.

In emotional terms, it would heal a grieving heart. If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one, a piece of amethyst will help you accept the situation and move one. Psychologically speaking, it may be used in a multitude of ways. Even though in Arabic countries people thought that amethyst prevented nightmares, the fact is that a piece of this stone under your pillow will make dreams more vivid. At the same time, it would help you achieve a deeper sleep. On the other hand, if you are wearing the choker while you are awake you will become more aware of your surroundings and the situations you are into. It will help you concentrate and control your actions in the most effective way.

Amethyst is most effective in combating pain. I have used it countless times to alleviate the discomfort of headaches, migraines, broken limbs, injuries and bruises. Since the choker is close to the throat chakra, you will also notice that it will help you with lung or respiratory diseases. Furthermore, it could be used to alleviate skin blemishes and IBS.

Crystal Meditation

Today I will give you a meditative exercise based on the power of crystals.

Choose a crystal and hold it in your hand.

Find a peaceful place to sit, where none will disturb you for the next few minutes. Make certain that your clothes are comfortable, your seat is neither too soft nor too hard and that the energy around you flows uninhibited.

Close your eyes and stay still for a few moments. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the space around you.

Now, imagine that you are walking in a large field. The grass is green and luscious. Feel it under the soles of your feet. You can see poppies and sunflowers dispersed throughout the field. The atmosphere is clear and crisp. The sun is shining above your head. Only a few white clouds can be seen on the blue sky. Take a deep breath and enjoy the surroundings for a few moments.

Walk leisurely across the field until you reach a rainbow bridge. You can clearly see the colours: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, indigo and purple. Start walking across the bridge. Step on the colour of your choice and follow it.

At the end of the bridge you can see a crystal mountain rising. This is the crystal you hold on your hand.

On the side of the mountain you can clearly see a golden gate. Enter. You are now surrounded by golden light. Start walking upwards. You will enter the green chamber, the blue chamber, the indigo chamber, and the purple chamber. There you will notice a crystal clear light coming towards you. This is the soul of your crystal.

Stay quiet in its company for a while. Allow the light to surround you. You may hear sounds, you may see colours or you may listen to the crystal speaking. Accept what is given to you. Receive the energy of your surroundings and feel the spiritual joy engulfing you. Just stay there and meditate for a few minutes.

Now it is time to return. Follow the path through the purple chamber, the indigo chamber, the blue chamber and the green chamber… until you reach the golden gate. Cross the gate and enjoy the sunlight that reflects on the crystal mountain. Step on the rainbow bridge. Walk across it until you arrive at the green field. Feel the grass under your feet and notice your surroundings: the flowers, the trees, the sky, the sun.

Now feel the crystal mountain reducing in size. It becomes smaller and smaller until it can fit in the palm of your hand. Hold the crystal and thank it.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Emergency Herbs for Anxiety and Depression

While you are still depressed and stressed it is very difficult to think clearly. Sometimes, you should consider using a bit of external help. Even if you detest antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, there are still other natural remedies that could be of help.

For depression your best option would be St John’s Word, otherwise called Hypericum Perforatum. This is a herb that has been used in Greece for millennia with astonishing results. Several psychiatric studies have proven that the plant is superior to placedo and that it really helps patients who suffer from mild or moderate depression. It also has far fewer side effects than the standard antidepressants you will find in the market. It is used widely in Germany but you can find it also very easily in UK supermarkets, such as Tesco or Sainsburys. You do not need prescription to use it but, I would advise you, to inform your GP about it. Take 300 mg three times daily. It will take around six weeks before you see positive results. Continue taking it for no more than six months, during which time I would expect you to try to resolve your psychological problems also with the help of other methods.

Another excellent supplement you can take for depression (Unipolar or Bipolar) is Omega 3.It has been proven that in large dosage it stabilises the mood. The pills have to be high in EPA and DHA (up to 1000 mg). Ordering online is generally cheaper but make certain that the product is organic. You should take it at least for 4 weeks before you see positive results. Once it enters your system, it will help you also with heart problems.

Bear in mind that Lemon Balm Tea is excellent for depression and grief. Other supplements that could help with depression are Folic Acid and/or Vitamin B Complex. Also, if you are suffering from S.A.D. you should consider taking Vitamin D.

With regard to anxiety, I would highly recommend Kava Kava. This is a plant that grows in the Pacific Islands and has been used by the local for centuries. A minimum dosage of 60 kavalactones per day would alleviate the stress and will help you sleep in the evening. The problem is that you cannot buy it in Europe. There have been a few instances of liver failure, because of the prolonged usage of the pills (more than 3 consecutive months) and because the product was distilled in alcohol. You can easily order it online, though, from US, New Zealand or Australian pharmacies. Even if pharmacies in Europe are not allowed to sell it, the usage of the plant (and its products) is perfectly legal. Make certain that it is distilled in water and do not take it for more than 3 months. Again, you should inform your GP.

Other herbs used against stress are: a) Valerian root. Order it in liquid form and take around 30 drops per day before you go to bed. It will help you sleep. b) Linden Tea also helps relaxing but you should not drink more than two cups per day. c) Chamomile tea is soothing and also it is excellent for those who suffer from IBS. Be careful, though, because if you drink too many cups per day, you may get light diarrhoea.

Other supplements you can take are Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C.

All you need is love!

This is how I call the the pink necklace I created this week. It is made of rose quartz beads, swarovski crystals and a sliver plated clasp. The day that I sat on my little desk by the window and brought the materials together I felt unloved. Unloved by the people around me, unloved by myself. Rose quartz became the perfect medium that would bring me what I wanted the most. The stone affects directly the heart chakra. It stimulates the circulation, it helps with palpitations and it enhances fertility. At an emotional level, it is considered to be the bubblebath of emotions. It promotes empathy and sensitivity, while it brings romance into the life of the one who wears it. It liberates people from daily worries and brings peace of mind. It is a gentle stone that comforts the heart in cases of sadness and grief. Also, healers use it in cases of “healing aggravation”. A couple of stones held by the patience bring balance and a general peaceful feeling.