All you need is love!

This is how I call the the pink necklace I created this week. It is made of rose quartz beads, swarovski crystals and a sliver plated clasp. The day that I sat on my little desk by the window and brought the materials together I felt unloved. Unloved by the people around me, unloved by myself. Rose quartz became the perfect medium that would bring me what I wanted the most. The stone affects directly the heart chakra. It stimulates the circulation, it helps with palpitations and it enhances fertility. At an emotional level, it is considered to be the bubblebath of emotions. It promotes empathy and sensitivity, while it brings romance into the life of the one who wears it. It liberates people from daily worries and brings peace of mind. It is a gentle stone that comforts the heart in cases of sadness and grief. Also, healers use it in cases of “healing aggravation”. A couple of stones held by the patience bring balance and a general peaceful feeling.


Amethyst… once more

You will probably think that I am obsessed with amethyst. Well, this is not entirely true. I am very enthusiastic about its use given the variety of properties it holds. Some of its secrets have been unfolded by several crystal healers but I think that there is still a lot more to learn from the crystal itself. With the help of meditation and concentration on its effect on the human body, we will soon be able to apply amethyst to a lot more problems than we have been using it up to now. In the following relaxing video you will be able to see some of its unique traits.

Crystal healing and limited mobility

There is a widespread myth that crystal healing can take place only when the patient is lying on a massage bed or on the floor. This is not true. People who find it difficult to lie down can always receive healing while they are seated. The crystals in this case are not placed on them but, instead, around them. They can also receive hands-on healing, with the help of which the healer gives to the patient another form of gentle but very strong energy. In some cases, people who suffer from bad backs could lie on one side. The energy will be directed first to the painful place, before the healer continues its work to other parts of the body. On the whole, limited mobility should not be a problem for the experienced therapist.

Happy Place

When we are too stressed or too depressed to think straight friends and family usually advise us to go to our happy place. That is, to imagine that we are transferred to peaceful environment, where we feel safe. Well, I have a happy place, too, and I would like to share it with you. I took a short video of it in the summer. It is nothing special for the rest of the world but it is very special to me. I go there when I want to isolate myself from all the problems that keep piling up. While I listen to the waves and watch the water breaking on the rocks, my thoughts calm down and my soul rejoices.


Last week, two of my friends had their first encounters with Malachite, a very powerful crystal. My friend, Michael, decided to meditate with Malachite and then carried it around for more than 24 hours. My other friend, Dimitra, found her grandmother’s Malachite pendulum and started using it immediately, despite the fact that she had no previous experience with crystal healing. The results in both cases were astonishing. On one hand, Michael experienced a vision of prehistoric times during meditation. After handling it for more than 24 hours, he felt more “in order”, more easy going and more accepting. ( ). On the other hand, Dimitra seemed to be unable to harness the power of her malachite. The pendulum was spinning out of control as soon as she held it in her hands and fear eventually overcame her. Why do we have such different outcomes?

It is worth mentioning that in the first case, Michael’s constitution is stronger since he has had a long experience of meditation, while in the second case Dimitra was just starting to experiment with crystal. Her energy does not flow uninhibitedly in her body and her mind is not strong enough to accept the positive influences of such a powerful crystal. Indeed, Malachite is a potent precious metal stone that comes with counter indications. You are supposed to use it only in conjunction with another crystal, preferably a piece of rose quartz. This way the energy of the malachite becomes softer and does not cause a healing crisis. Do not place it under your pillow, as the dreams will become a lot more vivid and maybe disturbing. Also, Malachite essence should be applied on the skin only in low doses, if at all. Bear in mind that when this crystal is placed into water, the liquid could become poisonous and should not be taken orally.

In the hands of an expert malachite is an exceptional tool. It helps us appreciate beauty, it enhances feelings of justice, it promotes friendship, empathy and sympathy, it makes the bearer more adventurous. It drags suppressed feelings from the subconscious and brings them on the surface. The results are astonishing, as it encourages the bearer to face his emotions and his past. This way malachite releases pain and past traumas. Mentally, the crystal intensifies and speeds our thought process, while it increases our observation capacities. Physically, it heals the female sexual organs, it detoxifies the liver, it alleviates rheumatism and it strengthens the nervous system.

I Am Back

The sun has been shining for the past three days, the rain stopped and the daffodils started emerging from the ground; all of which are positive signs of the approaching spring. And as I promised two months ago, I am back to take up from where I have left.
The past two months have been especially hectic. I had to adjust back to my old house, my old job and my old life. At the same time, my colleagues seemed to have a lot more demands on my time than before. While I struggled for survival, things in Greece became worse… and not just at an economic level. The life of my father has been threatened and, so, I needed to face possibilities I never encountered before. On the whole, I could barely hold my head above water, when I took the desperate decision to ignore my loyal public and temporarily suspend the blog.
Now I am ready to tackle once more issues of anxiety and depression and give useful advice on how to tackle them. I also intend to take you through my journey in crystal healing and give you insights on the life of a healer, me.

Temporary suspension of blog

I am very sorry but I would have to suspend this blog for a while. Things at work are going crazy and I can feel the stress rising. It is better if I take some time off bloging to reflect and relax. I will be back with renewed ideas and more information when spring comes. Once the sun is up, I will be feeling much better.