Crystal Meditation

Today I will give you a meditative exercise based on the power of crystals.

Choose a crystal and hold it in your hand.

Find a peaceful place to sit, where none will disturb you for the next few minutes. Make certain that your clothes are comfortable, your seat is neither too soft nor too hard and that the energy around you flows uninhibited.

Close your eyes and stay still for a few moments. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the space around you.

Now, imagine that you are walking in a large field. The grass is green and luscious. Feel it under the soles of your feet. You can see poppies and sunflowers dispersed throughout the field. The atmosphere is clear and crisp. The sun is shining above your head. Only a few white clouds can be seen on the blue sky. Take a deep breath and enjoy the surroundings for a few moments.

Walk leisurely across the field until you reach a rainbow bridge. You can clearly see the colours: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, indigo and purple. Start walking across the bridge. Step on the colour of your choice and follow it.

At the end of the bridge you can see a crystal mountain rising. This is the crystal you hold on your hand.

On the side of the mountain you can clearly see a golden gate. Enter. You are now surrounded by golden light. Start walking upwards. You will enter the green chamber, the blue chamber, the indigo chamber, and the purple chamber. There you will notice a crystal clear light coming towards you. This is the soul of your crystal.

Stay quiet in its company for a while. Allow the light to surround you. You may hear sounds, you may see colours or you may listen to the crystal speaking. Accept what is given to you. Receive the energy of your surroundings and feel the spiritual joy engulfing you. Just stay there and meditate for a few minutes.

Now it is time to return. Follow the path through the purple chamber, the indigo chamber, the blue chamber and the green chamber… until you reach the golden gate. Cross the gate and enjoy the sunlight that reflects on the crystal mountain. Step on the rainbow bridge. Walk across it until you arrive at the green field. Feel the grass under your feet and notice your surroundings: the flowers, the trees, the sky, the sun.

Now feel the crystal mountain reducing in size. It becomes smaller and smaller until it can fit in the palm of your hand. Hold the crystal and thank it.

When you are ready, open your eyes.


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