All you need is love!

This is how I call the the pink necklace I created this week. It is made of rose quartz beads, swarovski crystals and a sliver plated clasp. The day that I sat on my little desk by the window and brought the materials together I felt unloved. Unloved by the people around me, unloved by myself. Rose quartz became the perfect medium that would bring me what I wanted the most. The stone affects directly the heart chakra. It stimulates the circulation, it helps with palpitations and it enhances fertility. At an emotional level, it is considered to be the bubblebath of emotions. It promotes empathy and sensitivity, while it brings romance into the life of the one who wears it. It liberates people from daily worries and brings peace of mind. It is a gentle stone that comforts the heart in cases of sadness and grief. Also, healers use it in cases of “healing aggravation”. A couple of stones held by the patience bring balance and a general peaceful feeling.


One thought on “All you need is love!

  1. Boy, I’m getting peaceful and feeling love just by reading and looking at the crystal. Let me stay in the state for as long as there is life in me.

    Uh, oh. Someone’s calling, wanting my attention.

    Can’t wait to return and feel your warmth.



    michael j

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