Last week, two of my friends had their first encounters with Malachite, a very powerful crystal. My friend, Michael, decided to meditate with Malachite and then carried it around for more than 24 hours. My other friend, Dimitra, found her grandmother’s Malachite pendulum and started using it immediately, despite the fact that she had no previous experience with crystal healing. The results in both cases were astonishing. On one hand, Michael experienced a vision of prehistoric times during meditation. After handling it for more than 24 hours, he felt more “in order”, more easy going and more accepting. ( ). On the other hand, Dimitra seemed to be unable to harness the power of her malachite. The pendulum was spinning out of control as soon as she held it in her hands and fear eventually overcame her. Why do we have such different outcomes?

It is worth mentioning that in the first case, Michael’s constitution is stronger since he has had a long experience of meditation, while in the second case Dimitra was just starting to experiment with crystal. Her energy does not flow uninhibitedly in her body and her mind is not strong enough to accept the positive influences of such a powerful crystal. Indeed, Malachite is a potent precious metal stone that comes with counter indications. You are supposed to use it only in conjunction with another crystal, preferably a piece of rose quartz. This way the energy of the malachite becomes softer and does not cause a healing crisis. Do not place it under your pillow, as the dreams will become a lot more vivid and maybe disturbing. Also, Malachite essence should be applied on the skin only in low doses, if at all. Bear in mind that when this crystal is placed into water, the liquid could become poisonous and should not be taken orally.

In the hands of an expert malachite is an exceptional tool. It helps us appreciate beauty, it enhances feelings of justice, it promotes friendship, empathy and sympathy, it makes the bearer more adventurous. It drags suppressed feelings from the subconscious and brings them on the surface. The results are astonishing, as it encourages the bearer to face his emotions and his past. This way malachite releases pain and past traumas. Mentally, the crystal intensifies and speeds our thought process, while it increases our observation capacities. Physically, it heals the female sexual organs, it detoxifies the liver, it alleviates rheumatism and it strengthens the nervous system.


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