I Am Back

The sun has been shining for the past three days, the rain stopped and the daffodils started emerging from the ground; all of which are positive signs of the approaching spring. And as I promised two months ago, I am back to take up from where I have left.
The past two months have been especially hectic. I had to adjust back to my old house, my old job and my old life. At the same time, my colleagues seemed to have a lot more demands on my time than before. While I struggled for survival, things in Greece became worse… and not just at an economic level. The life of my father has been threatened and, so, I needed to face possibilities I never encountered before. On the whole, I could barely hold my head above water, when I took the desperate decision to ignore my loyal public and temporarily suspend the blog.
Now I am ready to tackle once more issues of anxiety and depression and give useful advice on how to tackle them. I also intend to take you through my journey in crystal healing and give you insights on the life of a healer, me.


2 thoughts on “I Am Back

  1. Bravo!

    The long-awaited goddess has returned. And just in time to help us wayward citizens of the world who have had to go through life without her guidance and inspiration.

    Welcome back. I went and got involved with a stone without your advise and now I learn that I may have touched on something beyond my understanding and experience.

    There’s a whole new reality involved with the stones. I just touched the tip of an iceburg. Find it alluring but also a little dark, like it has a dark sensuality about it. Or maybe it’s just me and a throw back to some ancient Greek myths.

    I look forward to finding out more from an Aspiring Crystal Healer.

    michael j

  2. Hi Michael,

    if you experience any bad reactions the next three days, make sure you are grounded. Do you know the meditation exercises for that? Just imagine that you are on the sea shore and that your feet are sinking into the sand. Otherwise, eat and drink to your hearts content!

    And if you want to experiment with crystals, do not keep them with you 24 hours a day! You do not want to be too attached to them.

    I know what you mean by dark sensuality. Make sure that the light you imagine entering your body comes from the upper realms (God) and not from the lower ones. We do not want to lose you to the underworld!

    Enough advice for the day. I hope all was well the past couple of months and that you enjoyed life to the full.


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