Anxiety: The Battle of the Stressors

The first action you should take is battle stress. Trying to solve the individual problems may not help in the long run. The bills will keep arriving every morning, the children will keep screaming when they get tired, your loved ones may die (as this is the nature of man) and relationships will go through rough patches. Do not despair, though. Balance can be achieved if you learn how to manage your stress. Just follow the advice below:
• Identify the stressors in your life. Life is not easy for any of us. However, some cope better than others. Try to find out which aspects of your character cause daily stress. It may be procrastination or perfectionism or a sense of duty towards others. Accept the responsibility for your thoughts and actions, if you wish to control stressors. In order to identify the problem, write a journal or talk to your friends.
• Identify the ways you cope with stress. There are positive and negative ways to manage stress. The negative ones are: drinking, smoking, partying hard, vegetating in front of the tv or surfing the internet for hours on end. Believe me, I tried all of them but none was especially helpful. Instead, you may try the ways I will describe below.
• Avoid the stressors who stem either from situation or from specific people. If you are not comfortable with an assigned task, say No. If people around you are too stressed, avoid them. If the environment feels poisonous, either change it or keep yourself at a distance. Try to engage yourself in pleasant activities, instead.
• If the situation cannot be changed, then take control of your time and space. Prioritise your tasks, manage your time in a more effective way and do not despair if you do not finish everything on time. After all, we are only human!
• Do not bottle up things! Share your feelings and ask for help, if necessary. Probably a lot of your friends and relatives are facing similar problems. There is no reason to go through an unpleasant situation alone.
• A healthy lifestyle is especially important. Add in your routine a time for regular aerobic exercise: running, walking, swimming, dancing. Do not touch, sugar, caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, coca cola etc) or chocolate. I know, I know. Chocolate is one of the best pleasures in life, albeit the consequences of eating it are grave. Eat fruit and vegetables.
• Relaxation should be your ultimate goal. First of all, you should remind yourself of the pleasant things in life. Go for a walk in the countryside, even if it is freezing cold. Put your favourite music on. Use aromatherapy oils in an oil burner. Clean your house from clutter. Take a long bath. Light up a few aromatic candles. Ask your partner to give you a massage. Work in the garden. Go for dancing a few nights a week. Go swimming at the local gym. All in all, find some pleasure in life and pursuit it!


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