Depression and Anxiety: Lifestyle and Mental Illnesses

The end of the twentieth century saw an upsurge of emotional and anxiety disorders in Europe, the United States and Australia. According to the latest research more than one fourth of the population will suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Whether it arises from situations such as divorce, unemployment, the death of loved ones e.t.c. or it is a hereditary chemical imbalance is largely irrelevant. Modern lifestyle will always play a predominant role in the development of the disease. The same is true for anxiety. The fast pace of life, the increasing responsibilities we undertake, the pollution of the atmosphere and other factors could cause extreme stress. If the person is predisposed towards anxiety, then daily stress could turn into a full blown disorder. Unless we radically change the way we live, mental illnesses will not disappear. And, since social patterns cannot change from one day to another, the people who suffer are forced to seek other solutions. Because of the complexity of the issues and the variety of complementary and alternative therapies, I will dedicate several posts on the causes, symptoms and treatment of emotional and anxiety disorders.
At this point I should note that I am not a psychiatrist or a medical doctor. Nevertheless, I have suffered from both depression and anxiety in the past. As I am an adventurous person, I have tried a number of alternative therapies. I have also read extensively on the subject and I even ventured into studying complicated psychiatric reports. So far, I have managed to remain healthy and I would like to share this knowledge with the rest of you. I would also like to state that what is good for one person may not suit the other. You will have to decide for yourselves which path to follow. And this is why I intend to present here all of the available options I am aware of.


3 thoughts on “Depression and Anxiety: Lifestyle and Mental Illnesses

  1. Well I am new to this whole blogin event, however I can really relate to your oppinions also having been and still are a sufferer of what they call clinical depression. I do believe that there is a lot of outside influence on the level of depression as far as the general stress that we now live with on a daily occurence and I amvery interested in checking all the different ways in which you have dealt with your problems, I also have tried many different techniques both orthodox and alternative and have had different levels of success with every and each one of them. Take care and maybe you can check my blog. Take care. Monica.

    • Monica,
      I am very sorry you are going through clinical depression. It is a long process but I can assure you that there is light at the end of the tunel. Over the next few months, you will be experiencing ups and downs, relapses and better days. During these times you should always remember that this is temporary and that things will change. I have met many depressed women who became desperate too often for their own good. In the end, they persevered and they healed themselves. With this blog I hope that I may be able to help and that the audience will be able to contribute with more experiences and advice.

  2. As one who finally found his way through depression (for a long time, didn’t even know I had it, and knowing what was going on was critical to getting healed), I look forward to what you will share from your heart and life experience.


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