Crystals and Mourning

I am sorry I have not posted anything this week. My grandfather died suddenly (a stroke cut his life short in the space of a few hours), so we had to go back to his village for the funeral. The long trip and the mourning took its toll. I felt shattered emotionally as well as physically. I barely had enough strength to help my mother go through the ordeal without suffering a break down. During these days I used crystals often in order to heal myself, even if I did not feel entirely competent or powerful to do so. In order to survive I also opted for wearing around my neck a very special crystal: a clear quartz. This stone is also known as the stone of the healers. It gathers energy from the universe and it redirects it towards the body of the wearer. At the same time, it disperses the negative energies and promotes emotional healing. As I was wearing it in church, I felt its power flowing along my meridians, from my feet towards the top of my head. It gave me enough strength to recover from the shock and say my goodbuys to my grandfather. The pure light emanating from the clear quartz was exactly what I needed. So, if you find yourselves in (god forbid!) the same situation, do not hesitate to use it.


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