Post Christmas Blues

So, Christmas and Boxing days are officially over. The relatives and friends departed, along with their noisy children, and they left behind them a trail of rubbish, mess and memories. The pile of dishes has been washed but the house still needs hoovering and dusting. On top of everything else, you are suffering from a hangover. In view of the prospects, there is a tendency to stay in front of the television. Procrastination and stupefaction can solve the problem; albeit, only temporarily. Another course of action maybe to… act. Instead of concentrating on cleaning, try to take better care of yourselves. First things first! Take a long bath using a few drops of rosemary essential oil to treat the hangover. Then get ready to go for a brisk walk around the block or to the local park. The weather is probably cold, so get dressed well before you go out and stay outside for only half to an hour (unless there is a blizzard). The crisp wind will wake you up and give you energy. By the time you return home, you will be ready to enjoy your hot chocolate (with or without marshmallows). Be careful, though. The chocolate will boost your serotonine (happy thoughts) but the effect will wane out quickly. Therefore, you need to get ready for your next step. That would be spending a quiet afternoon on the phone or in front of the computer screen contacting your friends and family. This way you will not feel too lonely or too desperate for company. In the evening you could opt for going out with a few of them for drinks or a light meal. Until then it would be advisable to carry with you some yellow agate or jasper or both. They will help you recharge your batteries and stand on your own two feet.


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