Christmas Healing: Tips for Better Health

Winter holidays arrived once more this year. The Christmas tree has been decorated, the sweets are ready on the table waiting for the guests, the gifts have been bought…. Not everything is about happiness and joy, though. In fact, most of us may have been overworked for the past few months, while the weather has not helped our otherwise healthy constitution. By the time Christmas arrives we are exhausted and prone to seasonal flues. Here I would like to give you a few advice on how to combat such ailments, so that they do not develop into something more serious and they do not detract from the Christmas spirit.
• If you have not yet taken any supplements, you should not lose another day. Timed tablets of 1000mg of vitamin C and at least 10-20 Echinacea drops per day are one of the best ways to boost your immune system during the winter.
• I know you are already craving for the Christmas sweets. So, do not let me inhibit you from devouring them. However, you should consider adding to your diet plenty of salads and green vegetables. Citrus fruits are also a great way to get vitamin C naturally.
• In addition, you should indulge yourself to a relaxing massage with essential oils. I would recommend Sage, Rosemary and Thyme for the flu. On the other hand, if you are still experiencing fatigue and stress, you should try a combination of Neroli, Rose Otto and Lavender.
• As for the precious crystals, you can use Aventurine, Smokey Quartz, Jade (green or red) and Turquoise. The will uplift your mood, ground you, tighten the connection with your family and give you strength to cope with demands upon your time.
• Above all, you should consider resting for prolonged periods of time. Close your door and spent some time with yourself, reading a good book, watching a black and white movie or listening to Christmas music. You worked hard for months and now you deserve some rest. In fact, we all do.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Healing: Tips for Better Health

  1. Xmas, Just not into it this year. Ordered gifts, but most have not come in by mail, and may not have as many as i gave out last year.

    Tree is smaller. Hardly any decorations.

    Got three Buddha statues throught the house. Meditate twice a day. Feel love for all humanity.

    But just can’t seem to fake it for Xmas.

    Will try my best to smile through the next few days, wishing good cheer, secretly hoping for Sunday when i can meet in community for group meditation.

    Feel like I dealt with a “truth” crystal to come clean like this.
    must be the red wine.

    michael j

    Somewhere near the Eastern Seabord of the Atlantic Ocean

    Happy holidays now and on Jan. 7

    • We have to be exceptionally truthfull. Usually this is the result of way too much drining, way too early! Some days, though, the truth comes out more easily, as if a crystal forced it out of us. I am glad not everyone is a Christmas fan. I used to wonder, in the past, why was I so different.

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