Alternative Therapies taught at Universities

A few days ago Dr. David Colquhoun of UCL, a stalwart adversary of alternative therapies, gained a substantial victory. The University of Central Lancashire is obliged by tribunal order to submit the teaching materials for its now defunct courses of homeopathy. It is evident, though, that Dr Colquhoun does not plan to stop there. His ultimate aim is to abolish the teaching of what he calls pseudo-sciences from British Universities. Even if his aspirations may sound noble to his followers, he does not take into consideration the fact that demand is what drives supply. There is an obvious demand for alternative and complementary therapies, which is not covered by medical doctors. The abolition of homeopathy courses will not stop this demand. Instead, it will cause the resurgence of dubious establishments who may claim that they can educate future homeopaths. However, in these cases, who will be able to guarantee the quality of such courses? At least, when teaching takes place within the walls of the Ivory Tower there is some control over the material. Besides, I do not understand why there is such an aversion towards the education of the younger generation in pseudo-sciences. After all, I have seen university courses on golf, plumbing and other similar professions (not to mention the arts and humanities).


2 thoughts on “Alternative Therapies taught at Universities

  1. Constantina,

    Keep up the good fight. Psychologists were once looked at with a jaundiced eye. So was meditation and yoga.

    Thanks to champions of those causes, humanity has improved.

    One day, we may say the same about crystals . . . and about you. That is, if the public ever finds out who this brilliant crystal-shining mama really is!

    Now, crystal is definitely on my “bucket” lists of research projects for the coming new year.

    michael j

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