Crystal therapy and Science

I am very tired of defending alternative or complementary therapies. And yet it is imperative to let the most fierce of skeptics understand why crystal healing remains so popular. To my view this is because it works. We cannot possibly prove how crystals affect the human body. But we can attest to the positive results of the therapy.

Many skeptics claim primarily that crystal healing is not scientific. There are no relevant studies, no statistics, no articles in prestigious journals. But there is something that they forget. That is EXPERIENCE, which spans across several hundreds of years. This experience may not be based on in-depth analysis but it is based on OBSERVATION. And we should not forget that observation is the basis of every science. Thales from Miletus who lived in the 6th century BC predicted an eclipse. And he did it without knowing or being able to prove the movements of the stars; just by observing the physical phenomena. Why do we not consider Thales a quack? Is it because he offered us a string of publications in prestigious journals? Or because he belongs to the most prestigious of the scientific societies? None of the above.

Is it just my idea or do you notice a snobbish behavior on behalf of the academics and other scientists? If they are so certain about their authoritative views, why don’t they dare to prove that crystal healing is wrong, instead of berating it with every chance they get? Consider this a challenge!


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