Crystal Competition

In one of my classes a question came up. If a man wants to make love to a woman but the woman resists him, which chakras in the woman’s body will be blocked, overstimulated or understimulated? The person who answers correctly will receive by email detailed information about one of my favourite crystals, the amethyst.


4 thoughts on “Crystal Competition

  1. The chakra that mainly deals with sexual issues is the second chakra although I think it’s important to figure out the reason for the blockage. It could be personal power issues (3rd chakra for instance) or issues of the heart (4th) that are causing the blockages.

    I also love the amethyst. I’ve been carrying one in my pocket for a week or so straight. A local crystal healer recommended them to help protect against the flu. So far so good.

      • Ooo! I didn’t know about the back chakras. So I’m glad you put the question out there because now I can look into it. From what I am reading, I would guess that the woman’s second chakra is closed in the back. So she is not responsive to receiving. I am also guessing that the back chakra is understimulated. Possibly the back of the heart chakra is open and closed in the front so she is not giving in the relationship. Very interesting stuff. I am sure that’s probably only a partial answer. I am excited to hear the whole answer 🙂 Thanks for posting the question!

      • Very well done!
        In cases where only s*x is invlolved, the heart chakra is not affected. The second chakra is affected both at the back and at the front. As you found out, the back chakra is overstimulated by the “attack” of the potential lover. The front chakra, on the other hand, usually becomes blocked. It is not unusual that the woman has doubts and feels guilt or aversion (depending on the person).
        Thank you for answering the question. Trying to guess potential cases is great fun! For me, at least!

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