How does crystal healing work?

From a western perspective the only way to explain crystal healing is as a form of electromagnetic therapy. Even medical doctors would agree that we can find electromagnetic fields in the human body. These fields can be detected and measured. Electromagnetic changes can affect the body and the status of its health. Crystals, on the other hand, can be used as conductors. When they enter the electromagnetic field of the body, there is a strong possibility that the can alter it. Of course, none of these assumptions have been scientifically proven. And I am not certain, if pharmaceutical companies would ever fund such a research. In fact, I am certain about the opposite. Because of the lack of research in this field, crystal healers are forced to use their intuition during therapies. If we had a full understanding of their functions, we may have been able to develop more scientific methods for their usage.

Even if the western point of view on how crystals work is plausible, I prefer the eastern perspective. It sounds so much more imaginative and magical. According to Indian and Chinese philosophies/ religions, the body is healthy when its life force (prana or Qi) flows uninhibited along energetic channels (meridians). The meridians run across the body and they include minor points and major chakras. When the energetic points are balanced, the person enjoys a health life. When they are blocked, over-stimulated or under-stimulated, then illnesses arise. On the basis of this philosophy developed several medical systems in the East. Among the best known are acupuncture, ayurveda, acupressure, reflexology, reiki and others. Crystal healing is a complementary medicine that became known to the general public only in the late 1980’s. It follows the same concepts with other alternative therapies but it uses different means. That is, crystals. Crystals are placed on energetic points and chakras along the meridians. Due to their structure, they vibrate and they get aligned with the vibrations of the body. This way they balance the energetic filed inside and outside the body. Hence, they heal it.

I am certain it is impossible to understand in just a few lines how the whole system is working. However, I thought I should give you a taste. I will try to describe things in more detail in later posts. Let me know, if you would like to discuss something further.


4 thoughts on “How does crystal healing work?

  1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) [Boy, I’m not crazy about the “name”]) works on the meridian system also. You “tap” on the upper part of the body, from head to chest, rib cage and under arms for a body “tuning.”
    It has helped me with a headache, meditation, and hemrhroids (in that order!) over the course of three classes in four weeks. And I will sign up for more sessions in January.

    I also studied reflexology but can’t find people to work on. My family (spouse) thinks all the “new age” uses of practices thousands of years old are an affront to Christianity, I guess because they come mostly from the East and the Christian Church has labeled some as “devil” dabbling. (Can we spell idolatry?)

    I tried to show my spouse what I learned from EFT and she pulled away from me declaring it was “unclean spirits.” Surprised no one made the sign of the cross to ward against my blasphemy!

    I put crystals on my “wish list” for Xmas, but I won’t hold my breath seeking them beneath a tree.

    Hey, despite my latest post which focused mostly on advice I got on being patient, I become inpatient too quickly. Will have to learn to take my time with those like-minded.

    I like the meridian studies. I may have enough patience to check into them further.


    michael j

  2. Aha! The usual Orthodox Greek view of other philosophies/religions/beliefs etc. We have been hearing about it since the third century AD. My mother is also freaking out every time I exhibit my new abilities. Apparently, I am bringing demons into the house! My solution has been to explain it to her in western terms. But it does not always work.

    • What are you doing “up” so early?

      And how do you know so much about western civilization?

      You’re a professor who doesn’t write like a professor.

      Aren’t you?

      Up early, that is.

      michael j

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