My first crystal

Some people ask me, how far back does my relationship with crystals go? The answer is not as straightforward. I simply do not remember. It may have been the first day my parents bought for me the first piece of jewellery I have ever had; the one with the heart-shaped rose quartz. In retrospect I am thinking… how appropriate! A child of 3 could only go around carrying this ultimate symbol of love. I still have it today. The years have been kind to it and have not faded its sparkle and colour. Most importantly, I have not lost it, as I have lost so many other significant as well as insignificant objects. It survived the test of time. It also works the same way as the first time I placed it around my neck. It gives me this feeling of calm love emanating from the deepest folds of my soul. And it compels me to show the same love to the people who surround me. Whenever I feel a bit low, a bit unloved, a bit lonely, I take it out of its drawer and I keep it close to my heart. Some of you may think that I hold on to the loving image of my parents. Others may believe at the magic powers of the crystal. Either way, the feeling is real and beautiful.


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