Healing crystals for fertility

I will not take you through my friend’s tortuous path of trying to conceive a baby. Suffice to say that she is a 38 year old woman and for the past three years she has tried every treatment she could afford. Oh well… she has not tried anything as invasive as IVF but, then again, she cannot afford it! Six months ago I thought I could help her with my crystals. So, I buried her house and her office under tons of rose quartz, while I hang a beautiful moonstone necklace around her neck. She took the necklace off only when she went to bed or entered the shower. Maybe she should have kept it on, though, because she is still not pregnant. But I have not yet explained her true source of frustration. During the same time her kitty gave birth to quintuplets, the canary produced several baby canaries and her neighbor conceived twins. Coincidence?


3 thoughts on “Healing crystals for fertility

  1. Ah, I think you might have to try some other more “activities” than the ones described above.

    In any case, we adopted. Son Nicholas will turn 18 soon. (Do you want him? He’ll go cheap. I’ll “pay you” to take him.)

    Only kidding. Just had to yell up to him to get him moving for school. Gotta run and make a quick breakfast.

    You sure you want to be a parent?

    michel j

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