Crystal Healing Precautions

No serious crystal healer would deny the power of western medicine. Medical technology, especially during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is responsible for an unprecedented increase in the average human lifespan. While in pre-modern societies people lived around forty to forty-five years, today they are expected to reach their seventieth year and beyond, depending on the country. However, western medicine does not present concrete solutions in every problem. Especially, emotional and psychological issues are completely ignored until the pain becomes unbearable. Emotional problems do not cause only mental pain but also considerable physical disturbances. The existence of psychosomatic problems is undeniable. Heart attacks, for example, are closely related to depression. Irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid e.t.c. are directly linked to stress. Western medicine tends to treat the symptom (heart attack, colitis, thyroid, headaches) but it would consistently ignore the problem that caused it (stress, emotional problems, negative emotions). And this is where complementary holistic treatments enter the equation. Crystal healing is a powerful complementary, not alternative, healing process. It is the perfect complement to western medicine. While medication and surgery take care of the symptom, crystal therapy treats the whole person. It addresses problems at an emotional level. This way, it brings the body as well as the mind in its most perfect condition. It also works as a preventative measure. A crystal healer can and will acknowledge the physical problem before it manifests itself. On the whole, regular sessions of crystal healing can promise a happier and healthier life.


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