Alternative Charity Event

The amethyst I brought home with me had a very calming effect, as most amethysts do. I started carrying it in my pocket wherever I went, even if I did not really believe in its properties. As it happens one of them is to open intuition and assist with issues of acceptance. In my case, I could not accept that a semi precious stone could affect the body or the spirit. I was soon to realise how wrong I were. But this is another story.

Today I would like to talk to you about alternative meetings. Some months after I visited the magic bookstore I was invited to the local elementary school for one of these meeting. Several healers were there. They performed Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy. Others were selling candles, crystals, books, incense etc. The revenues from the event were destined for a charity. I was looking forward to getting some reiki, for the first time of my life. In my excitement I made two really attrocious faux pas: 1) I went dressed in black and 2) I brought a MAN with me. The first mistake was easily covered up with a white shawl. This way I avoided all the negative energes that otherwise would have been absorbed by the black cloth. But the second mistake was too prominent to be covered. Peter was at least one head taller than the tallest woman in the meeting. As no other man was there, he became the focus of the attention and the centre of many comments. Luckily enough he put up a brave face and managed to survive the evening.


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