Bookstore and healing crystals

Life is full of surprises. Even though I vowed never to return to the cursed bookstore, a few weeks later I had to go back. Chiara needed to buy a few crystals and I joined her, as this was my chance to get some sun. I had no clue we were heading for the magic bookstore. By the time we arrived I felt too ashamed to turn back and leave. This time I entered. The place was very different from the usual, normal bookstores. And –believe me- I have patronized plenty of those. The air was permeated by the sweet smell of incense, while by the front door I could see several tables with crystals, wands and budhist objects. Only at the back of the store have I managed to locate a small library of books. The titles mentioned several topics I was not familiar with: angels, light, clairvoyance, witchcraft, etc. Only a handful of titles referred to crystal healing. I flicked through them hoping for… I do not know what. They were full of pictures of crystal formations and persons relaxing on massage beds. Or they included drawings indicating the sources of energy within the body. Or they analysed the value of light in healing. At this point I started wondering whether I lived on the same planet with the authors of these books. Obviously not! I retraced my steps and I visited the tables with the crystals. Among them the amethysts attracted my attention. I took a piece in my hands and wondered at the perfection of its structure. Even if I was not convinced about its healing value, I bought it then and there. The crystal love story has begun.



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