Magic Arts and Crystal Healing

My initial contact with crystals created more questions than answers. How come I have not felt their power before? Could it be a placebo? Was I predisposed to feel something? Or was the feeling genuine? How did these cold stones generate so much warmth? After all, that was the main feeling I was receiving. A warmth generated from my feet and climbing up on the rest of the body. Even when I was lying still on the massage bed, half naked in the middle of the winter, I could feel the heat enveloping me. By the time I left the house, I was determined to look further into it. But how do I even start? Today the internet is full of “tips” on crystal healing. Whether they are accurate, or commercial, or conflicting with each other… well… that is another story. Back then, though, the only means of knowledge were local people. And so, I tried to locate a bookshop where I could find the much wanted literature. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that the only bookshop who sold such books in the area specialized on MAGIC. Suffice to say I turned back and left. My Greek Orthodox sensibilities kicked in and I refused to be associated with the dark acts of the devil. It was obvious that if I continued on this journey, I would lose my ways, my tradition and maybe even my soul. How could I have known that all my beliefs were about to change?


2 thoughts on “Magic Arts and Crystal Healing

  1. Magic Crystals,

    Where is the rest of the story? I want to go to page 2. What happens?

    How did your life change?

    You cjhanged from being Greek to being Polish? From Orthodiox to New Age?

    Well, I guess I’ll just have to come back and see what lights these crystals provide in the future. You got me hook, line and sinker.

    Michael J, a fellow Greek

  2. Hi Michael J,

    I took a glimspe into your blog and I can see clearly that you are a fellow explorer. Meditation, acupuncture, EFT… I am trying or rather I want to try everything. A new world opened up for me and I cannot wait to explore. Being Greeks should not inhibit us. It should free us, since we come from a long line of explorers. This is one of the reason that so many of us live abroad, experiencing alien cultures.

    I also find your blog very interesting.


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