Crystal Therapy

**Was it some time since you had a good night’s sleep?
**Do you find yourself constantly worried?
**Is it impossible for you to relax?
**Would you like to experience a natural way of achieving the best possible mental health?

Try crystal healing for FREE today. This is one of the oldest spiritual practices that will enhance all aspects of your life! Don’t wait for your problems to worsen. Take the first step towards leading a better life!

I combine groundbreaking crystal healing techniques with the use of aromatherapy oils and relaxing music or meditation in order to achieve better results. I believe strongly in the holistic aspect of healing and in the exceptional power of the crystals. I have tested them on myself, on my children, on my family and on hudrends of others who wished for a better life.

I specialise on mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and stress. For more information on how crystal healing works and my philosophy on the subject, you may consult my posts in this blog. You will find them under the Category “What is Cystal Healing”.

If you wish to have a consultation or a therapy, you may call me at 07562722097, so that we can arrange an appointment. Alternatively, my email is A session lasts around 40 minutes, but it may be longer or shorter, depending on the depth of the problem.

Contact me today and I will offer you one FREE session of crystal healing!


2 thoughts on “Crystal Therapy

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